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Geary County

Club Leader Resources

General Resources

Club Leader Checklist

2023-2024 Geary County 4-H Calendar

Top 10 Management Practices for 4-H Clubs

Club Leader Position Description

2023-2024 Club Contact List

Handbook for Starting and Maintaining 4-H Clubs

Sample 4-H Club Constitution and Bylaws

Geary County 4-H Organizational Chart

Annual Financial Report Form

Raffle Policy and Guidelines

Proper Use of the 4-H Clover

Kansas 4-H Club Corner

Community Service/Service Learning Ideas


Meeting Resources

Club Meeting Checklist

Club Meetings That Youth Choose to Attend

Parliamentary Procedure Rules

Celebrating with 4-H Ceremonies

Club Meeting Agenda Worksheet



4HOnline 2.0 Family Enrollment Guide

2023-2024 Geary County 4-H Project List

Kansas 4-H Project Information


New Families/Visitors

New Family Coordinator Position Description

Welcoming New Members

Welcoming Environment Club Checklist

Example Club Meeting Greet Sheet


Project Leaders

Project Leader Position Description


Involving Parents

Parent Position Description

Parent Interest Survey

Parents Role in the 4-H Program

The 4-H Parents Committee


Officer Books

A Guide to Parliamentary Practice for Your Club

The Meeting Will Come to Order

So You Are President of Your Club

So You Are Vice President of Your Club

The Secretary's Record Book

The 4-H Treasurer's Record Book

Treasurer Book Excel 2010

Treasurer Book Excel 97-2003

The 4-H Reporter

So You Are Historian of Your Club

So You Are Recreation Leader of Your Club

So You Are Song Leader of Your Club

Kansas 4-H Songbook