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Geary County


Officer Books

A Guide to Parliamentary Practice for Your Club

The Meeting Will Come to Order

So You Are President of Your Club

So You Are Vice President of Your Club

The Secretary's Record Book

The 4-H Treasurer's Record Book

Treasurer Book Excel 2010

Treasurer Book Excel 97-2003

The 4-H Reporter

So You Are Historian of Your Club

So You Are Recreation Leader of Your Club

So You Are Song Leader of Your Club

Kansas 4-H Songbook


Communication Fact Sheets

Kansas 4-H Presentation Overview

Effective Presentation Tips

Preparing and Using Visual Aids

4-H Demonstrations

4-H Illustrated Talks

4-H Project Talks

4-H Public Speaking


4-H Day Score Sheets

Parliamentary Procedure

Gavel Games Rules

Gavel Games Junior

Gavel Games Senior

Model Meetings

Public Speaking

Project Talks

Demonstrations & Illustrated Talks

Public Speaking


Show & Tell


Chorus/Vocal Ensemble

Vocal Solo

Orchestra & Band/Instrumental Ensemble

Instrumental Solo


Country Dance

Folk, Step, & Square Dance

Choreographed Dance

Other Dance





Solo Acting

Other Talent