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Geary County

2016 Ag Outlook

June 20-26, 2016 | Podcast
Harvest Safety
Postemerge Weed Control Could Be Tough
June 6-12, 2016 | Podcast
Brome Hay
Potato Leaf Hoppers
Sugar Cane Aphids
Pale Corn
Wheat Harvest Aids
May 16-22, 2016
Sugar Cane Aphids
Treating Brush in Pastures
Alfalfa Weevils
May 9-15, 2016
Poison Hemlock Control
Pre-harvest Weed Control in Wheat
Anaplasmosis in Cattle
May 2-8, 2016
Stripe Rust Action
How much standing water can a crop handle?
Ideal Row Spacing for Soybeans
April 25-May 1, 2016
Stripe Rust Alert
Recommended Soybean Maturity Group and Planting Date
Planning Ahead for Forage Needs
April 18-24, 2016
Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Status
Drought Impact on Wheat
Weed Control Strategies in Grain Sorghum
April 11-17, 2016
Strip Rust
Wheat Issues
Management Following Wildfire
April 4-10, 2016
Pest Updates
Smoke Management
Drought Tolerant Corn Hybrids
March 28 - April 3, 2016
Treating for Alfalfa Weevils
Spring Treatment of Musk Thistle
Anhydrous Ammonia Application and Corn Planting
March 21-27, 2016
Wheat is jointing, cold weather impacts?
Smoke Management
Starter Fertilizer Placement in Corn
March 14-20, 2016
Alfalfa Weevil
Marestail Control in Soybeans
Soil Applied Residual Herbicide Options for Soybeans
March 7-13, 2016
Get Weeds When They are Small
Weed ID Will Be Critical
Smoke Management
February 29 - March 6, 2016
Palmer Amaranth
Possible Consequences of Warm Winter Temperatures
Alfalfa Weed Control and Fertilization
February 22-28, 2016
Veterinary Feed Directives
Mineral Nutrition in Cattle
So you're going to a bull sale...
February 15-21, 2016
Sorghum Planting Rates
Soybean Planting Rates
February 8-14, 2016
Cattleman's Day
Herbicides for Corn
Topdressing Wheat
February 1-7, 2016
Early Season Weed Control in Spring Crops
Bluestem Pasture Rental Rates
Fence Building Rates and Information
January 25-31, 2016
The Honeymoon is Over
The last day to terminate leases is almost here.
January 18-24, 2016
Seed Treatments
What's the ideal population?
Pasture Leases for 2016
January 11-17, 2016
Managing Herbicide Resistant Weed Populations
Watch Out for Questionable Products
Need To Renegotiate Cash Rental Rates
January 4-10, 2016
Managing Herbicide Resistant Weed Populations
Survivability of Small Wheat Through Winter
Leases - Why Written Leases are Preferred