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Geary County

2018 Ag Outlook

December 24-30, 2018
New Farm Bill Changes Part 1
New Farm Bill Changes Part 2
New Chemical Weed Control Book
Is My Wheat Ever Going To Emerge?
No Program On Christmas Day
December 17-23, 2018
Sulfur Deficiency - Is It Real
Fertilizer Selection - Price Isn't Everything
Micronutrients - Are They Needed?
Tissue Testing
Prepare For Crop Diseases In 2019
December 10-16, 2018
Nitrogen Fertilization Options
Why Stress Impacts Beans and Corn Differently
Do I Need Potassium Fertilizer?
What Can You Do To Impact Yield
Fungicides On Beans For Purple Stain
December 3-9, 2018
Time To Give Up On Wheat Planting
Why Narrow Row Beans Improve Weed Control
Crabgrass As A Summer Forage?
Soybean Nutrition Needs
What Forage Analysis Do You Need?
November 26-December 2, 2018
Dicamba Label Updates
Weed Control Over?
Dicamba Damage Studies
Start Planning Weed Control Now
Soybeans Will Drain Your Soil Nutrients
November 19-25, 2018
Possible Cold Damage To Wheat Crop
Options For Damaged Soybeans
CoAXium Wheat And Aggressor Herbicide
Dicamba Research Update
Kansas Mesonet Updates
November 12-18, 2018
Ag Leases
Nitrogen Loss In Wheat Fields
Leaf Rust In November? Really!?
Time To Start Talking Leases
Winter Travel Safety
November 5-11, 2018
Ag Lease Meeting
BQA Meetings
Make Plans For Brome Fertilization This Fall
Plan Now For Weed Control And Fertilizing Alfalfa
Reflections On Nitrates
October 29-November 4, 2018
Wheat Planting/Replanting Considerations
Alfalfa - Last Cutting Considerations
Marestail Control
Sorghums May Not Be Dead
Highway Safety
October 22-28, 2018
Importance Of Starter Fertilizer With Late Wheat
Musk Thistle Control
Preharvest Soybean Losses
Keep Testing Those Forages
October 15-21, 2018
And Then The Rain Came....
Prussic Acid
Teff As A New Forage Crop
Sample For SCN This Fall
Is Industrial Hemp A Crop For You?
October 8-14, 2018
Late Season Forages
Are We Headed For A Wheat Stem Rust Disaster
Soybean Green Stem Syndrome
Soil Testing And What You Need To Do
Get A Representative Sample
October 1-7, 2018
Worms In The Wheat
Watch Out For Lodging Soybeans
Fall Bindweed Control
Planning Your Wheat Fertilization Program
September 24-30, 2018
Late Season Harvesting Of Brome and Prairie Hay
Optimum Seeding Dates For Wheat
Optimum Seeding Rates For Wheat
Glyphosate As A Sorghum Dessicant
September 17-23, 2018
Often It Isn't The Crops, It's The Weeds
Don't Worry About Pasture Weeds
Wheat Planting Considerations
Wheat Planting Depth, Dates and Rates
Crop Rotation Considerations
September 10-16, 2018
Drought Stressed Corn Risks
Basal Bark And Cut Stump Treatments
Managing High Nitrate Feeds
Getting Through The Fall And Winter With Limited Forages
Using Fall Bromegrass
September 3-9, 2018
Miracle Products - Humic Acid Example
Nitrates Continuing
Good Fall Cereals For Grazing
Wheat Fertilization Plans
Soybean Insects
August 27-September 2, 2018
Should You Plant Brome This Fall?
Will We Find A Way To Stop Herbicide Resistance?
Drought Water Resources
Sugar Cane Aphids
Early Fertilization For Brome?
August 20-26, 2018
Managing High Nitrate Feeds
Controlling Weed Stubble or Fallow Fields
Old World Bluestem Control
Late Summer Cover Crops
Start Working On Wheat Fertility Plans Now
August 13-19, 2018
Late Summer Brome Fertilization
Intensive Management Wheat Variety Trials
Dealing With Cactus
More On Nitrates
Controlling Yucca
August 6-12, 2018
Utility Safety
Late Summer Burning For Sericea
Late Summer Herbicides for Sericea
Controlling Brush In Brome Waterways
Wheat Variety Considerations
July 30-August 5, 2018
Preparation For Alfalfa Planting
Soil Testing For Nitrates
Locust And Hedge Tree Control
Time To Wrap Up Native Hay Harvesting
Soybeans As An Emergency Forage
July 23-29, 2018
Herbicide Carryover
How Do Nitrates Change With Different Weather
How Do Nitrates Kill?
Drought Impacts On Pastures
Time To Start Checking On Volunteer Wheat
July 16-22, 2018
Grazing Drought Stressed Corn
Nutrient Losses From Whole Plant Harvesting
Nitrate Mis-Understandings
Disaster Declaration Undates
Impact Of Loss Of Organic Matter
July 9-15, 2018
Drought Declarations
Corn For Sileage
Corn For Hay Or Baleage
Potato Leafhoppers
Soybean Insects
July 2-8, 2018
Prussic Acid
Pearl Millet
Wheat Variety Selection
Nutrient Deficiencies, Drought, Heat or What?
Bad Time For Drought And Heat Stress
June 25-July 1, 2018
Drought Stressed Weed Control
Soil Testing
Nitrates - Follow Up
Keeping Back Seed Wheat? Maybe Not
June 18-24, 2018
Ammoniating Straw
Emergency Hay
Blue-Green Algae
Testing Hay
June 11-17, 2018
Treating Sericea
2017 Farm Income
Is Volunteer Corn A Threat?
A Good Year To Sharpen The Pencil
June 4-10, 2018
Hay Harvest Height
Culling Herds
Wheat Update
Chinch Bugs
Rainfall Or Lack There Of
May 28-June 3, 2018
Temperature Inversion Monitoring
Post Wheat Harvest
A Drought Has A Long Tail
May 21-27, 2018
Don't Be In A Hurry To Spray Brush
Please Spray With Care
Poison Hemlock
Soil pH In Continuous No-Till
How To Get Extra Forage
May 14-20, 2018
Wheat Outlook
Soybean Seed Treatment
Brome Hay Decisions
Soybean Inoculation
Footprints In The Field
May 7-13, 2018
Wheat Outlook
Alfalfa Update
Soybean Row Spacing
Iron Chlorosis In Soybeans
It's Going To Be A Weird Spring
April 30-May 6, 2018
Now That It's Rained
What To Do With The Wheat
Soybean Seeding Rates
How Dry Has It Been
Dealing With Drought
April 23-29, 2018
Dealing With Crown Vetch
Patience On The Road, Please!
Why Don't We Fertilize Native Grass?
Pea Aphids In Alfalfa
Weed Control In Sorghum
April 16-22, 2018
Cut Stump Treatments and Fire
Alfalfa Weevil
Wheat Condition
Not Burning? What Can You Do?
April 9-15, 2018
Freeze Damage On Wheat
Alfalfa Weevil
What Can I Do About My Farm Pond?
Starter Fertilizer And Corn
How Do You Seal A Pond?
April 2-8, 2018
How Much Rain Makes A Difference
Burning and Brush Herbicide Treatments
Alfalfa Weevil
Kansas Mesonet
Corn Seeding Rates
March 26-April 1, 2018
Rainfall and Wheat Development
Chloride On Wheat
Got Your Cow Calf Records Started For A New Year?
If You Are Going To Burn, Have A Good Reason
Flint Hills Smoke Management Plan
March 19-25, 2018
Careful With Herbicides On Wheat
2018 Stripe Rust Outlook
Let's Avoid The Glyphosate Mistake
Is Fertilizing Soybeans Necessary?
Soybean Insect And Disease Outlook
March 12-18, 2018
Traits Of A High Functioning Family Farm
Cover Crops For Weed Control
What Do Cover Crops Do For Water Quality?
Water Use Bo Cover Crops
Why Do You Do What You Do?
March 5-11, 2018
2018 Farm Bill Outlook
Wheat Disease Update
Hollow Stem Of Wheat
Wheat Herbicides & Post Wheat Cover Crops
Additional Thoughts On Farm Bills
February 26-March 4, 2018
What Drought Does To Plants
Frost Seeding Of Legumes
How Much Water Is In That Snow?
Top Dressing Wheat and Brome
February 19-25, 2018
The Impact Of A Crop On The Following Crop
Marestail Control In Soybeans
Upcoming Meetings
You Can't Fix A Plant
Are Seed Treatments Worth It?
February 12-18, 2018
Topdressing Wheat, Timing, Rates and Source
Early Thoughts On Prescribed Burning For This Spring
What Is Our Crop Rotation Gaining Or Costing Us?
Pasture Lease
Custom Rates
February 5-11, 2018
Meetings Meetings Meetings
Dicamba Update and Vapor Drift
Thinking About Oats?
New Dicamba Products Are Not Just For Soybeans
The Importance Of Staying In Touch
January 29-February 4, 2018
Winter Ranch Management
What Do I Have To Do To Use Dicamba
You Really Need To Consider Grain Sorghum
Do Clovers Have A Place In Kansas Forage Programs?
Start The Year Off Determined To Keep Better Records
January 22-28, 2018
Know Your Wheat Varieties Weaknesses
Corn Bacterial Streak
Rusts In Corn
Corn Ear Diseases VS Mycotoxins
Options For Broadleaf Weed Control In Wheat
January 15-21, 2018
Condition Of The Wheat Crop
Dicamba Record Keeping Requirements
Farm Pond Ice Safety Guidelines
Why The Problem With Dicamba
Ag Lease Termination Deadline Is Drawing Near
January 8-14, 2018
Crop Share Leases - Everything on the Table
Consider Grain Sorghum
Cow-Calf Workshop
Brome Grass or Hay Meadow Leases
Which is Fairer, Cash Rent or Crop Share Leases
January 1-7, 2018
Written Leases Put It In Black & White
Written Leases Don't Have To Be Complicated
Ag Lease Basics