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Geary County

2020 Ag Outlook

December 21 - December 27, 2020
The Impact of Wind Chill
Protecting Yourself from Winter Weather
Everything Needs Water
Start Preparing for Calving Season
Christmas Day, No Program
December 14 - December 20, 2020
Sulfur Deficiency in Wheat
Be Prepared for Extremes
Start Gearing Up Cowherds
Planning for a Drought
Crucial Parts of a Written Lease
December 7 - December 13, 2020
Examine Stocking Rates
Controlling Horsetail
Pay Attention to Details
Don't Let Tradition Hold You Back
Get Working on Those Books!
November 30 - December 6, 2020
Scout Wheat Fields for Weeds
Remember to Test for SCN
Fall Soil Testing
Review Field Results
Switch to Written Leases
November 23 - November 29, 2020
Controlling Bindweed
Co-species Grazing
Have a Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Day - no program
Ag Lease Termination Deadline
November 16 - November 22, 2020
Will My Fertilizer Show Up in My Soil Test?
Herbicide Resistant Grain Sorghum
Dicamba Label Update
Poor Wheat Stands
Start Working on Ag Leases
November 9 - November 15, 2020
Over-the-top Dicamba Labels Approved
Caution with Over-the-top Dicamba
Soil Testing for Hay Fields
Soil Testing for Pastures
Scout for Smooth Sumac Now
November 2 - November 8, 2020
Late Planting of Wheat
Wheat - Replant or Abandon?
Evaluate Cow's Body Score Now
Start Inventorying Feed Supplies
Cull Cow Management
October 26 - November 1, 2020
Free SCN Sampling
Fall Herbicide Applications in Dry Weather
Too Dry for Anhydrous?
Gramoxone Licensing Crackdown
Fall Musk Thistle Control
October 19 - October 25, 2020
Uneven Wheat Emergence
Compaction is Taking a Toll
Asian Bush Honeysuckle Control
The Most Important Investment in a Cow Herd
Grazing Stalks
October 12 - October 18, 2020
Soil Testing for Alfalfa and Brome
Soybean Cyst Nematode Sampling
Early Season Wheat Stand Issues
Dormant Season Herbicides on Alfalfa
Use Starter Fertilizer on Remaining Wheat
October 5 - October 11, 2020
The Perfect Time for Wheat Planting
When Should Cattle Come Off Pastures?
Slow Down When Planting Wheat
Basal Bark Tree Treatments
Bumping Up Those Seeding Rates
September 28 - October 4, 2020
Keep That Notepad Handy
Timing the Last Alfalfa Cutting
Sample Those Hay Bales
Evaluate Pasture Condition Now
Pasture Lease Communications
September 21 - September 27, 2020
Keep an Eye Out for Stink Bugs
Will Wheat Seed Treatments Help with Insects?
How Soon to Graze Wheat
Last Call for Sericea Treatments
Will we Have an Early Frost?
September 14 - September 20, 2020
Still Time To Soil Test for Wheat
Cold Weather Impact on Sorghun
Highway Safety, PLEASE!
Cover Crop Response to Herbicides
Cool Season Cover Crops Publication
September 7 - September 13, 2020
No Program, Labor Day
Forest Service Seedling Tree Sales
Planting Bromegrass
Early Fall Brome Fertilization
Abundance of Flowers in the Pasture?
August 31 - September 6, 2020
Pre-plant Nitrogen on Wheat
The Importance of Starter Phosphorus on Wheat
Be on the Lookout for SDS Symptoms in Soybeans
Sericea is Blooming, Time to Treat!
Watch Your Corn for Top Drying
August 24 - August 30, 2020
Enhancing Grazing Distribution
Start Looking for the Cull Cows
If Planting Your Own Seed
Wheat Seed Treatments
Take it Easy While Planting
August 17 - August 23, 2020
Get Ready for Alfalfa Planting, Soil Ph
Get Ready for Alfalfa Planting, Phosphorus
Disease Pressure in Corn
Too Late for Treating Trees, Unless....
Is Early Weaning Right For Your Herd?
August 10 - August 16, 2020
Get Native Hay Harvest Wrapped Up
Evaluate Pasture Condition Now
Watch for Grasshoppers
Tissue Testing Soybeans
Plant Early for Fall Grazing
August 3 - August 9, 2020
Dectes Stem Borer
Palmer Amaranth Control in Grain Sorghum
Wheat Variety Insect and Disease Ratings
Flowers in Pastures
Sericea Lespedeza Control
July 27 - August 2, 2020
Volunteer Wheat Control
Cut Stump Treatments
Basal Bark Treatments
Test Your Hay
Catch Your Breath
July 20 - July 26, 2020
False Chinch Bugs
Corn Disease Scouting
Soybean Insects
Warm Nights are Hard on Plants
The Fair is Over
July 13 - July 19, 2020
Gray Leaf Spot Scouting
Nutrients in Wheat Straw
High Temperature Stress in Corn
Stress in Soybeans
Time to Make Hay
July 6 - July 12, 2020
Utilizing Tissue Analysis
Be Prepared for Volunteer Wheat Issues
Potato Leafhoppers
Pigweed Control in Wheat Stubble
Buckle up for Drought
June 29 - July 5, 2020
Wrap up Foliar Brush Control Treatments
Bean Leaf Beetles are Active
New Custom Rates Book
Dicamba Application Requirements
Big Round Bale Storage
June 22 - June 28, 2020
Cost of Alfalfa
Cost of Brome
Teff as a Forage Crop
Learning Corn vs Green Snap
Early Summer Sericea Control
June 15 - June 21, 2020
Dicamba Label Cancellations
Soybean Populations
Marestail in Soybean Fields
Late Planting of Soybeans
Post Emerge Dicamba Alternative
June 8 - June 14, 2020
Start Spraying Brush in Pastures
KFM Summaries
Hours until Rainfast
Double Crop Options
Other Double Crop Options
June 1 - June 7, 2020
Watch for the Weed Explosion
Let It Get Rained On or Don't Mow?
White Heads in Wheat Fields
Delayed Soybean Planting?  Don't Worry
Watch for Weeds in Maturing Wheat
May 25 - May 31, 2020
Timely Brome Harvest
Sorghum Planting Dates
Soil Testing for Alfalfa
Check Your Wheat for Smut
May 18 - May 24, 2020
Foliar Fungicide Window is Closing
Delayed Planting
Bean Leaf Beetles in early Beans
Disease Resistance is Fluid
May 11 - May 17, 2020
Storm Damage
Corn Stand Issues
Leaf Rust? Stripe Rust?
Sericea Lespedeza Control Window
Brush Control Timing
May 4 - May 10, 2020
Alfalfa Weevils
Are Narrower Row Spacings Better?
Stocking Rates
Planning for Alfalfa Planting
Wheat Update 10% avg response to fungicide
April 26 - May 3, 2020
More Wheat Field Scouting
Nutrients for Soybeans
Nitrogen Loss in Early Spring
Don't Forget the Inoculant
Alfalfa Insects
April 19 - April 25, 2020
Corn Seeding Rates
Freeze Damage in Crops?
Early Season Fungicides in Wheat
Sorghum Herbicides
Are We Through (with cold weather)?
April 12 - April 18, 2020
Wheat Freeze Issues
Alfalfa Insect Update
Yellow Wheat?
Starter Fertilizers
Drought Tolerant Corn Hybrids
April 5 - April 11, 2020
Smoke Management Plan
Watch those Nitrates
Alfalfa Weevil
Phosphorus Fertilization Rates
Potassium Fertilization
March 30 - April 4, 2020
Cold Weather Injury in Wheat?
Chloride Deficiency in Wheat
Too Late to Fertilize Brome?
Careful with your timing of 2,4-D
Weed Control in Bromegrass
March 23 - March 29, 2020
Unusual Times for All of Us
Corona Virus and Livestock
Spring Cover Crops
Spring fungicides on wheat
New Herbicides for 2020
March 16 - March 22, 2020
Fertilize Cool Season Pastures
Wheat - Early Season Inspections
Grazing Wheat?
Why don't we plant spring wheat?
Grazing Seasons
March 9 - March 15, 2020
Smoke Forecast Model
Flint Hills Burning Restrictions, Part I
Flint Hills, Burning Restrictions, Part II
Prescribed Burn Prepping
Control Marestail NOW
March 2 - March 8, 2020
Down to Crunch Time on the Farm Bill
Way Too Many Pesticide Applications
Cultivar Specific Management
Burning Bromegrass
February 24 - March 1, 2020
Cold Weather and Wheat
Alternative Forages
How Soon Do I Intervene at Calving
Intentional Pasture Management
ID First Please!
February 17 - 23, 2020
Water Test Annually
Plan For a Successful Calving Season
Which Nitrogen Source to Use
Timing Wheat Topdress
What is Soil Health
February 10 - 16, 2020
Fertilizing for Mediocrity
Enlist Herbicide
Benefits of Pasture Burning
Start Prescribed Burn Prepping
Soybean Variety Trials published
February 3 - 9, 2020
Soil Compaction Issues This Spring
Still Time for Dormant Season Herbicides on Alfalfa
Phosphorus Fertilization on Alfalfa
Does Wheat Need to go Dormant?
Cattleman's Day, 2020
January 27 - February 2, 2020
Not Much Kochia, but...
Dicamba Training
Get on Weeds Early in Thin Wheat
Balance Sheets
Stay on Top of Farm Accounting
January 20 - 26, 2020
Industrial Hemp Conference
Snow And Ice Cover On Wheat
Updated Publications
Crop Variety Trials
Can You Burn Brome?
January 13 - 19, 2020
Ag Lease Meeting Reminder
Paraquat Label Requirements
Personal Protective Equipment
Terminating Leases
Radon Awareness
January 6 - 12, 2020
How's The Wheat Doing?
Dicamba In 2020
Dicamba Additional Buffers
Planning Ahead For Soybean Cyst Nematode
Bromegrass Fertilization
December 30, 2019 - January 5, 2020
A Farmer's New Year's Resolutions
A Rancher's New Year's Resolutions
No program, New Year's Day
Get To Work On Your Leases
Critical Lease Dates To Remember