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Geary County

Gardening With Chuck - 2015 Programs

December 21-27, 2015
Keep the Tree Watered
Trees After Christmas
Go Easy on the Ice Melters
December 14-20, 2015
Hollies for Kansas
Fruits and Nuts
Holiday Cacti
December 7-13, 2015
After the Storm - Trees
After the Storm - Bushes, Lawns, etc.
These long winter nights are getting to me!
November 30-December 6, 2015
Ashes and Other Soil Amendments
Is it too late to work garden soil?
Dormant Seeding of Turfgrass
November 23-29, 2015
Christmas Tree Selection and Care
Poinsettia Care
Holiday Greenery
November 16-22, 2015
Firewood Management
Asian Ladybird Beetles
Processing Horseradish
November 9-15, 2015
Perennial Garden Cleanup
Winterizing Roses
Dealing with Honeysuckle
November 2-8, 2015
Late Season Nitrogen Fertilization
Plenty of Time to Still Plant Bulbs
Putting Tools Away for Winter
October 26-November 1, 2015
Do I have to rake my leaves?
Hardiness of Cool Season Vegetables
Putting the Mower Away for Winter
October 19-25, 2015
Controlling Bindweed in Yards and Gardens
Summer Bulbs
Fall Prep of Gardens
October 12-18, 2015
Hackberry Psyllids
Taking Down Hummingbird Feeders
Timing of Weed and Feed
October 5-11, 2015
Fall Fertilization
Amend Soils in the Fall
Branches on the ground?
September 28-October 4, 2015
Oak Itch Mites
Bulb Planting
Why Do Houseplants Lose Leaves
September 21-27, 2015
Adding Soil to Lawns
Planting Garlic
Fall Planting of Trees
September 14-20, 2015
Garden Spiders
Sweet Potatoes and Ornamental Sweet Potatoes
Re-blooming Christmas and Thanksgiving Cactus
September 7-13, 2015
Early September is Lawn Fertilization Time
Dividing or Re-setting Peonies
Dealing with Little Barley
August 31-September 6, 2015
August 24-30, 2015
The crickets are coming, THE CRICKETS ARE COMING!
Rain Crow
Get those Hummingbird feeders up!
August 17-23, 2015
Sunflower Headclipping Weevil
Pay Attention to Grass and Seed Labels
Fertilize Strawberries Now
August 10-16, 2015
What's all that light colored grass in my yard?
Blister Beetles
Green June Beetles and Peaches
August 3-9, 2015
Tomato Leaf Diseases
Cicada Killers
July 27-August 2, 2015
Brown Patch in Lawns
Fall Gardens
Lawn 101
July 20-26, 2015
Bagworms - Control Time About Gone
Green June Beetles
Plan Now for Fall Lawn Renovation
July 13-19, 2015
Crabgrass Control
Proper Watering Technique
July 6-12, 2015
Corn Earworms
Harvesting Onions and Garlic
June 29-July 5, 2015
Brace Yourself for the Insect Assault
Flowers, but No Fruit
June 22-28, 2015
Tomato Leaf Issues
Squash Bugs
Borer Control in Peaches
June 15-21, 2015
And Still it Rains
Proper Fertilization of Vegetable Gardens
Evaluating Tree Health
June 8-14, 2015
Little Barley
Side-dressing Flowers and Gardens
June 1-7, 2015
Too Wet to Mow?
Tomatoes, Still.
Fertilize Warm Season Lawns
May 25-31, 2015
Tomato Woes
Controlling Nutsedge
May 18-24, 2015
Eliminating Unwanted Fruit
Thinning Fruit
17 Year Cicadas
May 11-17, 2015
Lawn Watering
Leaf Diseases
May 4-10, 2015
Perennial or Annual Flowers
Early May Gardening
Flowering Shrub Pruning
April 27-May 3, 2015
Early Tomatoes
Insecticidal Soap
April 20-26, 2015
Late April Vegetable Gardening
Ash/Lilac Borers
Spring Weed Control in Lawns
April 13-19, 2015
How soon can I plant Tomatoes
My Peonies Aren't Blooming Because I Have No Ants
Soil Color Can Be Deceiving
April 6-12, 2015
Fruit Tree Sprays
Reducing Fertilizer Use on Lawns
Watch What Type of Fertilizer You're Buying
March 30-April 5, 2015
Crabgrass Preventers
Fruit Bloom Frost Tolerance
Transplant Starter Solutions
March 23-29, 2015
Spring Lawn Planting
Weather Extremes and Spring Garden Planting
Pine Wilt
March 16-22, 2015
Early Season Lawn Care
March 9-15, 2015
Pruning Fruit Trees
Cutting Back Ornamental Grasses
Keeping Your Spring Fever in Check
March 2-8, 2015
Potatoes and Peas
Soil Testing for the Potato Patch
Improving Garden Soil
February 23-March 1, 2015
Fertilizing Spring Bulbs
Soil Temperatures
Milkweeds for Monarchs
February 16-22, 2015
Looking for a different tree?
Late Winter Lawn Schedule
What the soil test doesn't tell you...
February 9-15, 2015
Resist the Urge
Peach Leaf Curl Spray
Fruit Tree Pruning
February 2-8, 2015
I want big tomatoes!
All America Selections Vegetables (other than peppers)
Sugar Maples
January 26-February 1, 2015
Nice Weather, Unless You're a Fruit Tree
All America Selections Part 1
All America Selections Part 2
January 19-25, 2015
What's the Value of a Home Garden
Conservation Tree Seedlings Available
Fruit production in Kansas?
January 12-18, 2015
Forcing Paperwhites
Starting Onions From Seed
What do plant hardiness zones really mean?
January 5-11, 2015
Can I start plants indoors?
What do I do with the Poinsettia now?
Garden Shows can be a lot of fun!
December 29, 2014-January 4, 2015
What To Do With Your Christmas Tree
Feeding the Birds
New Year's Resolutions for Gardeners