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Family Life & Parenting


September is Family Meals Month!

The Science of Family Meal Time explains the research and science behind the importance of sharing meal time together. Download HERE and read more about the benefits of this special time shared with family members.


Suddenly in Charge

Face-to-face, virtual, remote, hybrid, quarantine...the new buzz words of 2020 keep all of us on our toes. As families shift to adapt to the ever changing environment, they they may be struggling to find child care and supervision for their children this fall.   In some cases, that means older children are helping look after younger kids.

K-State Research and Extension has launched a new program, "Suddenly in Charge" aimed at helping older children learn the best ways to handle what may be a new role taking care of younger children, whether in their own homes or those of a neighbor or friend.

Here is a safety checklist for your home to help you get started with the Suddenly in Charge program in your home: Safety Checklist English          Safety Checklist Spanish

Your babysitter or older children who are caring for younger kids also need guidance on how to supervise children in a positive and productive way. Here is a checklist for them to use that can help them work in this new environment: Babysitter Checklist English          Babysitter Checklist Spanish

Look for Suddently in Charge Weekly Fact Sheets that will help your family focus on caring for younger children in the home. Each fact sheet offers practical child-care information, kid-friendly activities, and healthy snack ideas.

Week 1 - Tornado and Fire Safety (English); Tornado and Fire Safety (Spanish): A quick look at the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning and fire safety.

Week 2 - Mental Health (English); Mental Health (Spanish): Looks at the mental health effects of natural disasters, pandemics, and changes in family and how to cope with them.

Week 3 - Community Outreach (English); Community Outreach (Spanish): Uncovers ways to engage in your community while practicing social distancing.

Week 4 - Animal and Pet Safety (English): Addresses the impact of having more human contact may have on your pets.

Week 5 - Social Media (English); Social Media (Spanish): With so much online access due to COVID-19 restrictions kids are exposed to a lot of information - some good and some bad. Here is a quick recap on social media safety!

Week 6 - Water Safety (English); Water Safety (Spanish): Both water consumption and water-related recreation are the target of this fact sheet.



New Resource - Resilient Relationships Series has been launched as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. A new activity/learning module will be posted each week to help you and your family emerge from the current state of medical emergency stronger and more resilient!

Week 1: Make Easter 2020 Memorable! HERE is a new twist to the traditional Easter Egg Hunt. Download this family fun activity sheet to embrace your at-home celebration! Looking for more? Check out the Family Tree activity and the Game Jar! Are you looking for the answers to the crossword puzzle on the Health-Home-Family page? You'll find it HERE!

Week 2: Our new normal has disrupted our family routines and schedules. Too often this can make us feel anxious and irritable. Download this fact sheet "Family Coping Techniques" for ideas on how to help you and your children cope with these changes by learning to relax and focus.

Week 3: Need some quick picks when it comes to keeping your family relationships strong while working from home or helping your children with their school work? This infographic titled "Surviving and Thriving during Quarantine" is sure to help.

Family Resources

Disasters: Children's Responses and Helping Them Recover - a timely and helpful read for enduring the COVID-19 pandemic.

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