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Family Resource Management

Financial Management

Money management is one of the most important life skills. Unfortunately, it's not a skill we are born with, and not everyone is good at it. The resources provided here are designed to help people of all ages sharpen their money management skills.

Budgeting and Basic Money Management Resources

Seven Life Defining Financial Decisions

Investing in Your Future

Individual Retirement Accounts


Household Budgeting Worksheet

Financial Planning Association Budgeting Worksheet

Living With a Spending Plan

Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

Tracking Your Spending

Build Your Savings Worksheet

Know Your Stuff - Free online home inventory software from the Insurance Information Institute

General Financial Literacy Online Resources

MyMoney.gov Federal Trade Commission

Money Matters


Wise Up Women - Financial Planning for Generation X & Y Women

Federal Reserve Consumer Information


Financial Planning Association (FPA) Guides and Worksheets

Resources for Teaching Youth Financial Literacy

It's Your Paycheck

Kids and Money: A Guide For Parents


Surviving Tough Times

Managing in Tough Times

Surviving a Job Loss

Spend Smart - Eat Smart

Spend Smart Save Smart Tips

Adult Children Moving Home

Keeping A Roof Overhead

Energy Conservation

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