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Geary County


December 2017

MPP101 - AKA Freezer Meal Class
Multi generational Living
2018 Setting a family Household Budget
Upcoming Events

October/November 2017

Getting Ready for the Holiday Season
Avoid Stress During Holidays
Apple Bread Pudding
Managing Holiday Meal Carbs

September 2017

How to Avoid Falls
Freezer Meal Class
Pumpkin Pleasures
Upcoming Events

August 2017

Retirement Age vs. Medicare Benefits Age
Freezer Meal Class
Reduce Financial Stress
The Numbers Speak for Themselves

June/July 2017

Summer = Fair Time
Preserve the Harvest Program
Special Baking Contest - Homemade Oatmeal Cookies
Repurposing Mason Jars

May 2017

Summer Safety - Summer Fun
Keeping cool in Kansas Heat
Healthy Living - BBQ food safety
National Water Safety Month

April 2017

Beware - Scammers on the Prowl
Is it a Cold or An Allergy?
Healthy Living - Spice Up Your Menu with Herbs
Be Prepared for Kansas Storms

March 2017

Age Into Action With a Plan
Money Matters - 10 Ways to Prepare for Retirement
Healthy Living - Age into Action with Physical Activity
Age Into Action Registration form

February 2017

Walk Kansas Returns
Money Matters - Off the Rack
Healthy Living - Benefits of Walk Kansas
Using the Choose My Plate to Plan Snacks

January 2017

Human Trafficking Prevention Month
Building Strong Families
Money Matters - Emergency Funds
Healthy Living - Sweet Potatoes
Radon Awareness Month & Freezer Meal Registration form