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Geary County


December 2019

Healthy Eating Habits 101
Holiday Budget Basics
Flipping The Switch For Retirement
Grant Writing Workshop & Quick Meals for Busy Families

October/November 2019

Holiday Finances
Medicare Open Enrollment Last Call
Food Safety For The Holidays
Quick And Easy Meal Tips

September 2019

Check Scams
Your Garden Bounty
Medicare Open Enrollment Choices
Food Safety Education Month!

August 2019

Ahhh Nuts!
Medicare Basics
Sleep and Your Health
What Is A Credit Score

June/July 2019

Fresh & Tasty - Now & Later
Eating Healthy on a Budget
Transitioning for Back to School Schedules
Something for Everyone at the Geary County Free Fair

May 2019

Healthy Plan For Vacation
Serving Recommendations for Fruits & Vegetables
National Festival of Breads
Adolescent Mental Health

April 2019

Controlling Paper Clutter
Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware
Food Waste Awareness
Spring Cleaning

March 2019

Floods And Food Safety
Meal Planning Tips
Medicare Basics Program
A Tax Scam Twist

February 2019

Walk Kansas 2019
Family Nutrition on Another Snow Day
America Saves Week 2019
Avoiding The Flu

January 2019

A New Twist to an Old Problem
Cold Weather Can Lead to a Hot Utility Bill
Nutrient Partners
January Is National Radon Action Month