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Geary County

2020 FCS Connection Newsletter

December 2020

Silent Night and Holiday Hope
Responding To Emotional Eating
Wat To Do When Stress Steals Your Peace
Laughter is Good Medicine!

November 2020

Benefits of Sharing Hand-Written Notes and Letters
Financially Speaking - Black Friday Shopping on a Budget
Eat Right when Money's Tight
Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

October 2020

Geary County Health - Where We Stand
Annual Election
Four Steps For Fall Prevention
Know Before You Owe

September 2020

Medicare Open Enrollment
Family Safety - September is Food Safety Education Month
Food Safety During a Disaster or Emergency
Emergency Preparedness and Your Family

August 2020

The Garden Consumer
Strengthening Families Goes Virtual
Pandemics Can Be Stressful
Freezing Summer Vegetables

June/July 2020

Retirement? Part 2
Self-Care for Wellness
Family Safety
Food and Your Family

May 2020

Suddenly in Charge
Family Safety
Geary County Food & Nutrition Resources

April 2020

Same Song, Second Verse
Facts About Rebate Checks
Food Safety Specialist Main Concepts

March 2020

Stir Crazy?
Coping with Crisis
Create a Family Action Plan
Families and Food

February 2020

Trauma and ACEs
Coping with Traumatic Events
Stress Relief and More
Family Health

January 2020

New Year, New Start
Radon Awareness Month
Family Food
Walk Kansas - Save the Date