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Geary County

Geary County Modern Parenting Initiative Classes

Purposeful Parenting Classes

The emphasis of MPI classes is on encouraging parents to hone their skills in communicating with their children, aid in the prevention of substance abuse and other behavior problems teens are often lured into, encourage pro-social behavior in their children, increase academic success in youth, and prevent violence and aggressive behavior at home and at school.  More than anyone else parents are the experts on their children.  Rather than emphasizing something dramatically new, MPI group activities are designed to support the awakening of things parents likely already know.  The MPI parenting classes use two parallel evidence based programs:

Strengthening Families for Parents and Youth 10-14 which targets parents who have children currently attending middle school.  This program is designed for parents AND their youth as a unit and is currently being offered at Junction City Middle School during the classroom day.  For more information about this program, click HERE.

Strengthening Families Program (SFP7-17)
This program is offered for parents from the community who have a wider age range of children they are raising.  SFP is for ALL families - not just those that are struggling.  The program emphasizes the parenting skills of Bonding, setting Boundaries, and Monitoring, and is designed for all parents who desire to improve family relationships and develop a family prevention program to keep their kids safe from alcohol and drug use.  It was specifically created to correct the following youth Risk Factors:

  • Neglect; lack of love, care & support
  • Family conflict
  • Difficulties in communicating respectfully
  • Lax or harsh discipline
  • Lack of supervision
  • Substance use by parents (or child)
  • Stressful life events
  • Exposure to violence/abuse
  • Low expectations for school success/failure at school
  • Lack of family customs, traditions
  • Low selff-esteem

For an overview of the 11 class sessions, click HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions About the SFP 10-14 Program

How can I get more information?
  • Contact Chez McClelland by calling the Junction City Middle School at 785-717-4400 or call Deb Andres at the Geary County K-State Research & Extension office 785-238-4161. Please indicate that you are requesting more information about the middle school program for Strengthening Families.  This program is offered to families whose children currently attend Junction City Middle School.  If your family does not meet this requirement, please refer to the SFP 7-17 program information listed below. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the SFP 7-17 Program

How can I get more information?
  • You can download a flyer HERE. Or, you can reach us at the Geary County K-State Research & Extension Office at 785-238-4161.
How do I register?
  • Call the Geary County Extension Office at 785-238-4161 OR access the electronic form for the current class HERE. You can submit this via email to ge@listserv.ksu.edu.
What age group does this focus on?
  • The class is for parents with children ages toddler to teen.  The concepts explored in the class are inclusive in nature and would be appropriate for any family configuration.
How much does it cost?
  • The class is made up of 11 sessions.  To receive a certificate of completion, 7 of the 11 sessions must be attended. A $5 cash deposit is also required for the DVD used with the class.  The deposit will be returned at then end of the 11th session.  A registration fee  is also required. Participants can pay by the session or for the class as a whole for a significantly reduced price.  See the fee schedule provided:SFP 7-17 Fee Structure
What if the class has already started?
  • You can begin the class any week you want!  However, in order to complete the 11 session course, you will need to attend 7 of the 11 sessions. The class is offered several times a year and missed sessions can be picked up at the next offered class.
Do you provide transportation or childcare?
  • We do not have childcare or transportation available. Children ages 7-17 are encouraged to attend.  However children under the age of 7 are not permitted to attend the classes with their parent(s) due to the design of the program.

MPI Partner Agencies

Geary County K-State Research and Extension

8th Judicial District Community Corrections

USD 475 Geary County Schools

St. Francis Community Services

Geary County Perinatal Coalition

Kansas Department for Children and Families

Pawnee Mental Health

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

Contact Information

Deb Andres
Phone | 785.238.4161
Fax | 785.238.7166