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Geary County

Fair Exhibit Resources

Banner Score Card


Project Display Score Sheet

Project Notebook Score Sheet

Project Poster Score Sheet

These Display, Notebook, and Poster Score Sheets will be used for all display, notebook, and poster classes where a separate score sheet does not exist.


Clothing Construction Score Card

Clothing Educational Exhibit Score Card

Clothing Recycled Clothing Project Score Card

Fashion Revue Modeling Score Card

Cost Per Wear Sheet


Crops Comment Card


4-H Dog Show Rule Book

4-H Dog Judging Score Sheets


Electric/Electronics Score Card

Electric/Electronics Educational Exhibit Score Card

Small Engines Score Card


Entomology Score Card

Entomology Educational Exhibit Score Card

Entomology Notebook Score Card


Fiber Arts Score Cards

Fiber Arts Educational Notebook Score Card


Preparing Cut Flowers for Exhibit

Cut Flower Comment Card

Floral Arrangement Comment Card

Potted Plant Comment Card

Floriculture Notebook Comment Card


Judge's Guide for Food and Nutrition Exhibits

It's More Than Keeping Your Fingers Out of the Cookie Dough (food safety)

When Are Baked Goods Done?

Food Safety of Frostings and Fillings

Foods Exhibit Score Card

Food Gift Basket Score Card

Foods Educational Exhibit Score Card


Just Because It Seals, Doesn't Mean It's Safe (food preservation safety)

Food Preservation Judging Criteria

Judging Sweet Spreads

Judging Canned Fruits

Judging Canned Tomatoes and Tomato Products

Judging Canned Vegetables

Judging Canned Pickled Products

Judging Canned Meats and Poultry

Judging Dried Fruits and Leathers

Judging Dried Herbs

Judging Meat Jerky

     Heating information

Judging Dried Vegetables


Forestry Collections Score Card

Forestry Education Exhibit Score Card


Geology Exhibit Score Card

Geology Educational Exhibit Score Card

Lapidary Exhibit Score Card


Home Environment Score Card

Home Environment Educational Exhibit Score Card

Home Environment Notebook Score Card


4-H Horse Show Rule Book


Exhibiting Fruits and Vegetables

Horticulture/Crops Comment Card

Horticulture Notebook Comment Card


4-H Treasurer Notebook Score Card

4-H Secretary Notebook Score Card

4-H Reporter Notebook Score Card

4-H Historian Book Score Card


Cat Score Sheet


Photo Mounting Demonstration

Photography Portfolio Score Sheet

Portfolio Information Video

Assembling Your Portfolio Demonstration


Poultry Showmanship Score Card


Shepherd's Lead Score Card


Shooting Sports Education Display Score Card

Shooting Sports Promotional Poster Score Card

Shooting Sports Notebook Score Card


Ag Mechanics Exhibit Score Sheet

Ag Mechanics Exhibit Information Form

Architectural Block Construction Exhibit Score Sheet

Architectural Block Construction Exhibit Information Form

Astronomy Exhibit Score Sheet

Astronomy Exhibit Information Form

Computers Exhibit Score Sheet

Computers Exhibit Information Form

Computers Example Engineers Journal

Robotics Exhibit Score Sheet

Robotics Exhibit Information Form

Rocket Judging Score Sheet

Rocket Exhibit Information Form

Mid & High Power Rock Exhibit Information Form

Rocket Fin Guide 3 Fins

Rocket Fin Guide 5 Fins

Rocket Fin Guide Up To 8 Fins

Unmanned Aerial Systems Score Sheet

Unmanned Aerial Systems Information Form

STEM Display/Notebook/Poster Score Sheet


Visual Arts Score Sheet


Wildlife Educational Display Score Card

Wildlife Promotional Poster Score Card


Woodworking Exhibit Score Sheet